Why Buy the Program

Advantages of buying the Smiling Mind at Workplace Program are:

  • Designed by organisational psychologists to address today’s working environment concerns
  • Includes around 4 instructional video's introducing the theme for each week, and 40 different Mindfulness Meditations
  • Meditations are between 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 minutes long tailored to suit the fast pace of workplaces
  • Addresses stress, sleep, concentration and focus, managing change and transition, leadership
  • Includes daily practices such as brain break and sitting exercises
  • Includes practical activities to help bring moments of informal mindfulness into the everyday such as moving with awareness between meetings, breathing techniques, listening exercises
You are guided through the App’s structured program that covers topics including:

    Week 1 – Everyday Mindfulness 
    Week 2 – Calm (focusing on stress, transition and change management)
    Week 3 – Clarity (building concentration and focus)
    Week 4 – Connection (with yourself, others and bringing out the inner leader)
    Week 5 – Mindful Mastery (building on what you've learnt and taking it to the next level)

    From here, the program can be self-directed offering an empowering, accessible tool that can be incorporated into both home and work life providing a sense of clarity and calm just a click away. To get your access code you can purchase this program now for yourself or for someone as a gift