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Trauma-Informed Practice in Education

Trauma-Informed Practice in Education

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10 hour course ⸱ Self-paced ⸱ Online professional development 

Explore and strengthen your understanding of trauma-informed practice with the Trauma-Informed Practice in Education professional development course.

Designed for primary school educators, this self-paced online course provides theoretical knowledge and practical strategies to support a trauma-informed learning environment. You’ll learn strategies to recognise and respond well when a child may be triggered—in other words, experiencing a stress response.

You’ll gain knowledge to help you teach students about the brain and stress responses, and classroom exercises to proactively build on trauma-informed principles like safety, trust and choice. This course also provides evidence-based strategies for educator self-care. Each module includes a meditation, self-check questions and reflective practice alongside the course content.

The course is comprised of eight modules of learning:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is trauma?
  3. Stress, trauma and the brain
  4. In the classroom: Stress, trauma and the brain
  5. Trauma-informed strategies
  6. In the classroom: Trauma-informed strategies
  7. When children are triggered: Handling a stress response
  8. Educator self-care and support

Purchasing a subscription gives you 12 months access to this online course, delivered via Smiling Mind’s Learning Hub platform.

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